the history of our commitment

Meeting the needs of today’s clients is not new. DHISCO has a rich history, having built a steadfast organization with dedicated technology and operations teams.

In 1989, the original company was formed by 17 hotel companies who understood the value of a single connection between hotels and the global distribution systems. The result was THISCO—The Hotel Industry Switch Company. The first connection through THISCO’s distribution platform was made with Sabre in 1989.

THISCO later became known as Pegasus Solutions. The company launched service to the first online travel site in 1996 and introduced both UltraDirect® and rich content functionality that enabled travel websites to easily push and pull XML data for searches, rich content and bookings.

The distribution division of Pegasus Solutions was acquired in 2014 and launched as a stand-alone company, under the new brand DHISCO—the Distribution Hospitality Intelligent Systems Company. Since then, DHISCO has expanded its offerings, enhanced booking features, and increased the depth of our content solutions.

In July 2018, DHISCO became a RateGain company. The two businesses are a complement to one another: DHISCO provides enterprise distribution solutions for large hotel chains, GDSs and OTAs, while RateGain provides distribution for smaller hotel groups as well as OTAs, airlines, car rental companies, cruise lines, tour operators and wholesalers. 

DHISCO continues to serve our clients and partners with its cutting-edge infrastructure, comprehensive distribution and content offerings. Going forward with RateGain, we will collaborate on BI advancements to provide all the data and insights our clients need to drive increased revenue.