looking forward to another successful, opportunity-filled year

As we prepare to close the books on another productive year, I want to, first, thank all of our friends and partners for making 2017 a success, and wish you all happy holidays and a prosperous New Year.

It’s been another year of exciting opportunity, growth and, of course, challenge as we’ve navigated the fast-changing hospitality distribution landscape, developing new solutions for today while keeping a close eye out for disruptors on the horizon.

Much of the talk in tech circles this year has focused on artificial intelligence, big data and the so-called internet of things. The potential for these technologies is huge. And we are just beginning to uncover all the ways they can be applied in the travel and hospitality distribution sectors.

At the same time, however, we are hearing more and more about things like blockchain, which most us are still trying to wrap our heads around, let alone be able to predict its impact on and potential uses in distribution. We’ll be keeping an eye on the blockchain developments.

We will also be focused heavily on our continued collaboration with industry partners, through groups like HEDNA and on our own, to continue finding ways to keep delivering the best and most accurate rates along with the richest content.

In 2017, I am proud to say, we built a new data center that significantly improved capacity, response times and growth potential, and we are now handling more than 16 billion transactions a month.

And we are looking forward to announcing new products and partnerships to benefit us all in the year ahead.

We will also be continuing our global travels, making sure we maintain those all-important personal connections that enable us to build real, collaborative relationships while also identifying new challenges and new opportunities.

Our first stop in 2018 will be HEDNA. If we don’t see you there, we hope to see you soon.

– CEO Toni Portmann