the distribution hospitality intelligent systems company

Since 1989, DHISCO, Inc. has been providing innovative distribution technology that enables hotel bookings around the globe. Our products provide the distribution of rates, availability, and hotel content to meet the connectivity needs of:

• Over 100,000 hotels worldwide
• Over 100 distribution partners
• Meta search engine travel companies
• All four global distribution systems

As the single largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, DHISCO has built its reputation on providing efficiency and affordability in marketing properties and booking hotel reservations—now over eighteen billion transactions each and every month. And the result? DHISCO facilitates over $13 billion in annual global bookings, facilitating the industry’s growth and consumers’ service satisfaction.

Today we offer a strategic product set...

DHISCO switch
provides enhanced distribution booking features and efficient booking messaging

offers enriched messaging, content pushes to partners, and improved accuracy

DHISCO cache
delivers improvements to speed and messaging efficiencies

DHISCO content
supplies efficient content updates and increased depth of relevant content in most languages

DHISCO framework
enables transactions, increases communications, and expands customer service capabilities

DHISCO client services support
offers guidance on best practices and delivers exceptional support