On any given night there are close to one billion hotel rooms available in the world. As a hotelier, you wonder how a traveler will ever find your property and how you’ll sell your rooms. As a distributor you’re concerned with how to access the entire available inventory and provide the best option for travelers.

DHISCO has the answers. We understand the value of a room night and the challenge of reaching travelers with just the right offers. As the largest processor of electronic hotel transactions, DHISCO Shop provides supply clients with comprehensive distribution options and demand clients with unparalleled access to rooms and content around the globe.

managed traffic and total pricing view

The key to successfully selling room nights is reaching travelers quickly with just the right detail. DHISCO Shop provides exactly that.

broadest exposure with a single connection

Demand and supply partners of all types benefit with the volume and depth of properties available with DHISCO Shop.

Whether you are a supply or a demand client, DHISCO Shop provides a one-to-many connection: simplifying implementation, connectivity management, distribution, and traveler engagement.

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