DHISCO rebrands, regroups, refines ‘just about everything’

It’s been a little more than half a year since Pegasus Solutions’ dis- tribution business became a standalone company and restyled itself as DHISCO.

Since then, the company has also changed “just about everything we do,” Toni Portmann, chief exec- utive officer, said.

“We’ve rebrande d every product, and we’ve created core strate- gies with real meat around them.”

The company has taken inventory of all its products and has regrouped them, she said.

New faces have joined the company at the C-suite and vice president level.

The new product groups are:

• DHISCO Switch. “This is the legacy heart and core of the business,” Portmann said.

The new team applied “rigorous metrics” to the switch and “I was very pleased,” she said. “We had been doing 8 billion transactions, and we were up to 9.2 billion.”

• DHISCO Shop. The average traveler now shops a “staggering” 35 times before booking, Portmann said.

Many legacy CRS systems can’t handle the hits and must be protected. DHISCO Shop manages high volumes to ensure the system doesn’t crash.

It also returns total pricing — the nightly rate plus taxes and any mandatory hotel surcharges.

It’s a topic that has come under the scrutiny of the Federal Trade Commission, which has warned hotel companies that providing a deceptively low estimate of what the customer will pay is against the law.

It’s also a topic that is fraught with challenges, Portmann said, because “everybody has different formats.”

Some transactions will include “200 pieces of disparate information, and we’ve got to parse it out,” she said. “This is going to get way more complex.”

DHISCO is blocking any booking of rates that it determines are non-inclusive.

• DHISCO Cache. Pegasus Solutions, DHISCO’s predecessor company, developed its first caching tools back in 2002 to deal with what it called “availability bursting.”

The company is constantly working to refine its caching for a balance between protecting customers’ CRS and delivering accurate availability.

For example, the parameters for cache expiration will be vastly different for Scottsdale, Ariz., properties in the middle of summer than they were for the period leading up to the city’s hosting of this year’s Super Bowl.

• DHISCO Content. Hoteliers can manage their property details and provide distributors with Toni Portmann robust content to sell rooms via DHISCO’s XML interface, compliant with OpenTravel Alliance standards.

Supplier content can be pushed automatically from the hotel CRS to DHISCO Content.

The company used to think of itself as a content hub, Portmann said. “Now it’s ‘content connect.’”

• DHISCO Framework. This “one-to-many solution” is a set of technology platforms, protocols and services and thousands of supply and demand connections that requires only one implementation to access thousands of distribution points.

Its average transaction speed is now down to 0.039 seconds.

As DHISCO reorganized its product lineup, it made an interesting discovery: A lot of products were out there but not being used because hoteliers didn’t know they had them.

DHISCO is letting them know.

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