DHISCO enables new clients to keep up with growing demand around the globe

One of my goals when our new management team took the helm at DHISCO was to expand globally. This month, I am pleased to say we are making great progress on that and many fronts.

Over the last few weeks, we have announced that two companies in the booming travel hub of Dubai have chosen DHISCO to power their growth plans.

These partnerships with Darina Holidays and BetterBooking.com represent a significant expansion into the Middle East, where many travel companies are working to modernize their systems and move into new markets.

Darina Holidays is one of the leading inbound business-to-business travel providers in the United Arab Emirates. BetterBooking.com, which also has offices in Malaysia and the United States, is one of the region’s leading hotel reservations agencies and tour operators.

Both have ambitious plans to expand internationally, and both say their partnerships with DHISCO are key to their future.

BetterBooking.com CEO Pirooz Kimiaei says DHISCO will enable his company to keep up with growing demand and offer his clients real-time connections to suppliers around the globe.

We are proud to provide the dynamic, affordable and custom distribution solutions that will enable both of these companies to compete on a global scale.

We are also proud to note that these partnerships are just the beginning of a host of new announcements we will be making over the next few months as we continue on our quest to connect the world.

From new products to new hires and expansions into emerging markets, this is an exciting time at DHISCO. So stay tuned. We look forward to sharing more details soon.

– CEO Toni Portmann