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Travelers today don’t just crave rich content, they demand it. They want photos, easy-to-comprehend descriptions and direct answers to simple things, like whether a hotel has free Wi-Fi, a pool or free parking. DHISCO Content offers easy access to building and managing the rich material to make properties stand out.

simple content control at your fingertips

DHISCO Content lets hoteliers easily manage the complexities of property details and provides distributors with robust content to sell rooms.

it’s all about getting clear information at travelers’ fingertips

At DHISCO, we transform content for our hotel partners around the globe so their travel-selling partners are able to access complete, easy-to-interpret descriptions that foster more bookings across online channels.

DHISCO’s Content Transformation service:

and your customers speak a myriad of languages

Did you know that 90 percent of online users choose a native language when available, 78 percent are more likely to buy from a site in their own language and 60 percent of online shoppers in Japan and France won’t buy from a site that isn’t in their native tongue? Those are powerful numbers that underscore how much revenue you may be leaving on the table.

DHISCO Translation Services:

Would you like to talk through the details of our Content Transformation or Translation Services? Feel free to reach out to us at anne.cole@dhisco.com. We’d love to tell you more.

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