DHISCO cache

As a hotelier or a distributor, your goal is not only to increase bookings but improve transaction speed as well. DHISCO offers a wealth of cache features to enhance shop and book processing. In fact, DHISCO Cache is a passion for us and a product that ensures your data is current and accurate.

When you partner with DHISCO you automatically access our cache features. No new schema development is required and it is fully active the day your data goes live.

manage your transaction traffic and lower your costs

DHISCO continually develops enhancements to increase speed and improve processing which results in a cleaner, faster cache. DHISCO Cache also offloads transactions from your central reservation system (CRS), further improving efficiencies.

unique features

DHISCO’s change discovery expiration feature uses a unique process to expire data in the cache.

DHISCO Cache offers an exclusive feature: error caching.

The key to a powerful cache is efficiency and accuracy. DHISCO Cache is a priority for us and we continually enhance the system to benefit both hotel and distributor clients. At DHISCO we work to drive your success.

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