bringing new ventures to life

One of the most rewarding things about my job at DHISCO is watching our people help bring new ventures to life. Over the last few months, we have announced several partnerships with innovative startups, and more are on the horizon.

This week, we are pleased to announce that SuiteStory, a luxury online travel agency startup, is joining DHISCO’s global network.

SuiteStory is taking the traditional OTA model and turning it on its head. Instead of building a search and booking service that is based on price, SuiteStory is all about the room and the extras.

With experience top of mind with luxury travelers these days, the new site targets those affluent travelers who are more interested in what they are getting than what they are paying. We are proud that SuiteStory has chosen DHISCO to power its site because we offer the richest property content for the largest collection of electronically bookable hotels in the world.

SuiteStory, which has offices in the U.S., Latvia and the Netherlands, plans to launch this fall. It will use new, interactive technologies to redefine how people search, discover and book luxury suites.

SuiteStory CEO Dmitrii Beliakov says the concept is to increase the sale of suites, which on average have a 30 percent vacancy rate within hotel chains. Hoteliers traditionally have used many of their suites for upgrades and to reward loyalty program members. That means they often lose out on revenue that could be gained by selling those rooms at full value.

By targeting upscale clients with marketing that focuses on the important free extras that usually come with suites, including club lounge access, drinks, snacks and late checkout, SuiteStory aims to help hotel companies increase sales of their more expensive rooms.

SuiteStory will feature an interactive website with rich content, including images that a customer can simply click and choose their preferences. The data will be saved, and an algorithm will direct returning customers to similar properties that match their preferences. 

This is a great example of our commitment to supporting new ideas and technologies that connect hoteliers with the world.

- CEO Toni Portmann